Vintage Travel Trailers

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Camper trailers from the 1940’s through the 1960’s are often thought to be vintage trailers. It is easy to find vintage travel trailers for sale online and through many different sites on the internet. These trailers are true classics and can give the owners a feel of the past, evoking nostalgic memories of days long gone. Still, even though these traveling units can be an idealized version of past camping getaways with grandpa and grandma, people may also choose to purchase them because of their overall look and the genuine quality of the trailer.

Many of these vintage trailers are made of wood and sometimes aluminum frames and based on their condition or the brand name of the trailer, these can be bought for a small amount, sometimes for a payment of only a few hundred dollars. It should be noted that if this is the actual sales price, the buyer should be ready to do some restorative work on the unit. A vintage type trailer that has already been put together and completely restored will often times come in at a cost of a few to several thousands of dollars.

These older campers can often be searched and found on internet sites. In order to find vintage trailers, start a search for something like “vintage trailers” or “vintage camping units” and this will bring up several results. Many times a search such as this will bring up somewhere near one million page results to choose from. This is way too many to filter through on an afternoon but the first ten or twenty returns will bring up plenty of options to choose from.

There are many sites that will show results for selling and or restoring to full glory these types of camper trailers. A lot of people are also involved in restoration or fan clubs for these units. A good way to learn about them is to join a forum and either post or simply read the different discussions that are taking place about restoration or vintage travel trailers for sale by people from all over the country and even the world.

Cool Camping in Vintage Style in a Teardrop Trailer

For backpacking and family camping a tent serves it’s purpose, but there are some times when it might be an attractive proposition not to have to pitch and dismantle a tent. This may be if you are travelling from campsite to campsite or if there are two of you then it may be more practical to have a bed ready to hand.

A perfect solution might be a teardrop trailer. Teardrop trailers are like mini caravans and are sturdy but usually light enough to be pulled by a car with a smaller engine. They have been around since the early 1940’s and come in many shapes and materials. For a retro and classic vintage feel there is not much that compares to a Diddyvan. We took the show van out for a spin to Norfolk and took some pictures with a model who looks the part, staying at Breck Farm campsite in Weybourne.

The campsite suited the individuality of the Diddyvan, there are no set pitches as such as the site is part of a farm and it is a case of pitch where you want in the fields available. The biggest attraction for most people is the ability to have a campfire and they even have logs that you can buy so you don’t have to spend your time foraging or space on bringing logs with you. All too few campsites now allow fires and it is great to be able to sit out when the nights are that bit chilly or even when they aren’t as it seems to fulfill a primeval need for the men in the party.

As usual the Diddyvan and the accompanying Volkswagen camper van drew an audience – this sort of camping is not for you if you don’t like to draw an admiring crowd. After an evening spent chilling around the fire, the peace only interrupted by various people from the campsite who hadnt had the courage to come and ask about the Diddyvan whilst sober but after a few pints of Dutch courage came and satisfied their curiosity, we retired to a comfy double bed. In the morning we popped to Cromer for a photoshoot on the cliffs – again causing a bit of a stir and making many new acquaintances, and then took the dogs for a walk on the beach at Wells-Next- The- Sea. The car park isn’t really supposed to be for caravans but they made an exception for the Diddyvan as I don’t think they knew how to classify it.

Wells is a great little seaside town, and the beach to the left of the car park backs onto Holkham beach – even when car parking is difficult you can usually find a less crowded piece of beach, but make sure you take account of the tides. Wells has some lovely beach huts which probably cost more than the national debt, though i think you can hire some too. The harbour website has a live webcam and in the summer a little train takes people from the town to the beach where you can find toilets, a cafe with basic but good picnic fare and cakes, a boating lake and mini golf. Pinewoods holiday camp is a great place for camping as although it is a large site with static holiday homes as well as a campsite, it’s position next to the beach is very handy indeed.

After the obligatory chips we hitched up the Diddyvan and drove back home along the coast road, the Diddyvan has a chassis made especially for it by Al-ko so towing even along those winding narrow roads is a breeze though watch out for stunned drivers who wonder what that shining aluminium trailer is and take their eyes off the road.

Details on Vintage Traveling Campers

People that choose to buy and use these types of trailers do this for many different reasons. Many people prefer the old style look that vintage trailers offer, it’s a classic look and feel that cannot be easily replicated outside of the old time campers. Other people like to buy them without the actual intent to go camping in them but just in order to restore them and finish them complete. There can be a lot of satisfaction from restoring these travel trailers including the day when someone secures a sale to a new owner. The trailer can be discussed and admired for the wood, look, style and old unique parts that can only be found in these older models.

One of the most popular vintage type trailer available is the air stream and these are also some of the most expensive out on the market. These were made in the 1930’s and were put together with wood until they were changed to the various aluminum campers that are more recognized today. These trailers were very high on the quality scale and led to a demand that is unmatched. For over 75 years now these campers were made for people who desired quality and were willing to pay for it. Over half of all these campers continue to be used today.

Vintage traveling trailers can many times be towed by vehicles that are on the smaller scale. The reason that this can be done is not because the trailers are necessarily light weight but instead because they were built to be very aerodynamic and also designed with a weight distribution that made them easier and more functional when it came to being towed. Therefore, these campers could be hauled around by vehicles that were not made to be big towing rigs but instead might be lighter duty trucks or station wagons.

Buying vintage travel trailers for sale can be fun and will really bring back some memories for those that had the pleasure of camping in one. However, anyone looking at purchasing one of these types of campers should do a lot of research on them before buying anything. An experienced buyer may have enough in his repertoire to simply go out and make a purchase on a trailer that may not be in top shape, but anyone that does not have this high level of expertise should start by buying a vintage trailer that is in as good of condition as possible to start.

Torn up or very used campers can be quite a hassle to restore and can be very frustrating. Working with experts who are qualified in the area of vintage campers can save anyone searching for one a lot of time and money. Search for one today so they can provide the best information possible on a wide variety of vintage camper trailers. Speaking to a knowledgeable seller can give any buyer a reasonable estimate as to how much, if any, work it might take to get an older camper working well and help estimate future costs. Be aware of the options before a purchase is finalized.

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