Shabby Chic Bohemian Interiors

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Creating a shabby chic bohemian home is styling interiors with eclectic and vintage designs, using rustic wood furniture, architectural elements from Indian Havelis and antique doors with distressed colorful patinas. Bohemian shabby chic style is a fun way to express your inner wanderlust. Rustic bohemian inspired accents creates a warm loved atmosphere with an earth balanced interior design.

Creating a shabby chic living room means extending your personality through the your inner chi energy. Mix colors and patterns, vintage and simple styles the bohemian look is very easy to accessorize. Bold textured hues, pretty paisley patterns, organic earth elements, eclectic artistic interiors and vintage Haveli furniture Shabby-chic decor combined with modern rustic furnishings is a distinctive style.

Bohemian shabby-chic rustic spaces have open floor plans, vintage furniture with a southern country twist, and exposed natural architectural structures like wooden beams on the ceiling that spread the quiet natural element. The columns and arched fireplace and stone floor in the living room are the grounding elements. These natural elements maintain the earth element and the rustic appeal regardless of a modern layout. Preserving the character and architectural detail of a home, as in the column fireplace and stone floors is an essential design strategy.

Rustic and shabby chic style makes a romantic design interior which is evident in the bedroom, the visually spellbinding carved old 18C headboard. The motifs and designs each represent new beginnings, good luck, abundance and prosperity.The style presented is a mix of Haveli style and shabby chic where minimal meets maximalist. Each piece has a purpose with nothing left to imagination Beautiful pastels everywhere, lace draped on the stone console table, antique peacock chair, distressed turquoise doors, and an old onyx chessboard. You can mix and match any of these ideas for a blissful interior.

How to Select Comfortable Bohemian Bedding

Bohemian Bedding is not only all the rage, it is exquisitely timeless in nature, and many would argue downright beautiful. How does one choose amazing Bohemian Bedding for her own home? The Bohemian Bedding you choose depends completely on your personal style, of course, but here are a few tips for selecting your bedding:

  1. Consider the Fabric- While selecting your bedding, keep in mind that it should be made of 100% cotton fabric for maximum comfort and wear. Cotton is more absorbent and better for your body. Even mixes with what seem to be insignificant numbers of synthetic fibers will reduce the absorption of moisture (perspiration) and can make for a less comfortable bed.
  2. Watch the Thread Count – Thread count is essential to selecting your bedding. Most of bedding companies claim that the higher thread count, the better the bedding. What exactly is thread count? Thread count means is the number of (warp and weft) threads that pass through one square inch of fabric. If more threads pass through one square inch, the weave is tighter and durability of the fabric is increased. However, a higher thread count reduces the porosity of the fabric – meaning that less air will pass through it, a trait that can be uncomfortable… especially in hot, summer weather.
  3. Choose a Beautiful Color Palette- Make colors count and incorporate your personal style with bright, vibrant hues like reds, blues, or oranges! Not feeling vibrant? Choose lovely pastel colors like light blue and sea green for a calmer and softer effect. Not sure which sounds more like you? Tone down bright colors using neutral hues like white and ivory, or if you select pastel shades, then you might consider selecting bright colors on the walls and throw pillows to create the perfect back drop to highlight your bedding.
  4. Enjoy the Design- Again, it’s your personnel style that counts, whether you want solid or patterned bedding. You can choose floral pattern for a feminine look or stripes and plaids for a more masculine touch. One important note: Make sure to select bedding that does not have any sort of embossed print that might create a scratchy or uncomfortable environment.
  5. Show your Style- Bohemian bedding is known for going well with country motifs and exotic styles of bedroom d├ęcor, but Bohemian bedding in softer shades of color also go well with more modern looks and beach house styles for simply incredible results!

Bohemian Spanish Flair

Some new styles that I run into in almost every decorating blog that I read is the global, bohemian, Spanish flair kind of look. So now I’m going to put together what I have gathered from researching around on how to try to add this ‘foreign’ look to your home. I’m also going to address how I think you can transform rooms in and outside your house that can bring friends and family even closer together.

One reason I find the Spanish setting to be so popular is from their bright vibrant colors. One reason I absolutely go crazy for the color red is because it can make a room look stunningly modern, or it can bring a country home style feel as well. It all depends how you decorate and accessorize the room! One blog I checked out had some really great ideas of what color reds you should look at, Moroccan Red by Benjamin Moore, Dressage Red by Ralph Lauren Home, and Million Dollar Red by Benjamin Moore. Well I’m a lucky one because fortunately red is the unofficial color of Spain.

My first tip for some Spanish flair is for any side sun room, covered porch or patio that you have the space for leisure activities on, throw some pillows and low seating. By low, I mean use these pillows to lie on, gather and chat on. Tone down the formality! This is so popular in so many cultures and yet Americans have no desire for it. So if you want to try something different, add vibrant patterned colored pillows and rugs and you’ll find yourself being in an even more relaxed in another stylishness setting.

For the kitchen, find old see-through jars (if you don’t own any, definitely check out GoodWill!). Because peppers and all variety of spices is such a diverse part of the Spanish culture, throw them in the jar. How energetic that will look with all the bright yellows, greens, and reds. You can’t go wrong.

If you have any open shelf space in the kitchen not used for appliances, place some yellow and red toned pottery. Spain is a big fan of black and white framed photos. So any entry way or above any major piece of furniture can go an oversized black and white photo! The Spanish also love food, and to feed others. So the kitchen is one of the most used rooms of the house.

Make sure your kitchen has enough seating for the whole family and friends! This will ensure and conversational flow if everyone is comfortably seating and not leaning up or struggling to find a comfortable place in order to be included in the conversation.

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