How to Make Camping in a Tent More Comfortable

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I bet that every single person reading this article has heard someone complaining about how uncomfortable and difficult camping is. I know that if you are not well set up that is very true, but with the right equipment and know how your camping can be more than comfortable enough. Camping in a Tent can be a little awkward, but as long as you set it up well and you have some decent quality camping gear it is very comfortable.

From there, simply having the right sleeping gear is one of the best investments you can make for camping. A good quality sleeping bag makes a wealth of difference. If you wake up shivering or sweating, then you need to set up your sleeping arrangement better. I highly recommend the Coleman Sleeping bags, because they have a reputation that is outstanding. Combine this with a good quality mattress and pillow, and you will get a great nights sleep.

In general, if you can get away with using a mattress that is part foam and part air (or full foam is best) then you will get a better sleep. Of course, foam mattresses don’t fold up as small, which can be an issue. Lighting is another big issue when it comes to camping in a tent. Set up a light that hangs properly from your tent, and that gives light where you want it to. Personally, the UFO lamps are great for tents, and will ensure you aren’t fumbling around trying to find what you want. Camping in a tent can be very comfortable, as long as you take the time to set it up correctly and you use the right gear.

What To Bring Camping – The Ultimate Packing Checklist

A Packing List for the Great Outdoors

If you’re getting ready to enjoy the great outdoors by camping out, then you’ll want to make sure that you are properly packed for your trip. I don’t know about you, but too many times we arrived at the campsite to discover we forgot something vital like a lantern or stove. Or the espresso maker. (Just kidding. Mostly.)

And if you’re camping, you are most likely somewhere remote so it’s not like you can just run to the corner store to get what you need. This is one trip you’ve really got to prepare for.

So we’d like to share some ideas on items you may want to pack on your next camping trip so you don’t forget any essential items.

What to Bring Camping – Essential Equipment

  • Tent – You will want to bring a nice tent appropriate for the number of people sleeping under the same “roof,” as it were. Brands that get consistently good customer reviews include Coleman and Wenzel.
  • Stove – You can always cook or roast over the fire, but for simple pleasures like coffee and tea, you may want a stove to help you get fueled for those early morning hikes. For solo camping, you can get a single-burner stove, and a double-burner for larger groups.
  • Bed Rolls – These can make all the difference when camping as to whether or not you sleep. There are options ranging from an inexpensive foam roll mat, to inflatable mats, to more deluxe options — it really just depends on your preference.
  • Sleeping Bags – Along with bed rolls, these are necessary to a sound sleep at night – make sure you get temperature-appropriate ones. If you’re going somewhere warm, you’ll only need a lightweight sleeping bag. But if you’re going anywhere with serious cold weather, please invest in a high end sturdy mummy bag to stay warm.
  • A Good Travel First Aid Kit is definitely a must-have. You may want to pack supplies to address indigestion, fever, headache, cuts and scrapes.
  • Insect Repellent – Mosquitoes and gnats can really take a bite out of your fun, so take citronella candles, spray/lotion, and even an itch stick if you can.
  • Lanterns and Flashlights – Not being able to see your way to the bathroom at night might put you in harm’s way, and a flashlight is always handy in an emergency. They may look goofy, but a super handy option is a headlamp. (Let’s be honest – camping is no time to be proud.)
  • Kindling/Starter Fluid – This makes anyone’s job at starting a fire that much easier.
  • Matches/Lighter – You could always fall back on the old Boy Scout rub-two-sticks-together trick, but it’s better if you don’t have to. Bring at least two options and keep them in a sealed waterproof container.
  • Camping Chairs – Easily the most comfortable way to sit around a campfire. If you don’t want anything fancy sometimes you can find good options at a thrift store.

Secrets of Texsport Camouflage Headquarters Dome Tent

The Camouflage Headquarters Dome Tent blends into wooded areas for low profile camping. It can be used successfully by hunters or anyone choosing to be inconspicuous on their camping trip. One of the most important aspects of camping is that of using a tent, but not just any tent will suffice for your camping trip. To guarantee fun and enjoyable outdoor experience the purchase of a Camo Headquarters Dome tent is a good idea.

Camo Headquarters dome tents are spacious tents accommodating up to five people and a center height of seventy-two inches. A Camo Headquarters dome tent is easily transported as it only weighs a mere 3.2 pounds. It is therefore extremely light in weight and is designed with the user in mind. The Camo Headquarters is superbly user friendly, because it’s so simple and easy to set up.It has a two pole shock corded design and it also has a lantern hook, which proves to be useful in holding your lantern, and therefore preventing fires. Plus with only two poles it’s easier to set up than most tents.

Storage is not a problem when you purchase a Camo Headquarters dome tent as there is adequate storage space to keep your valuables and your camping gear. Inside this tent there is appropriate ventilation, as cool air is passable through the dome tent’s “No-See’Um” mesh. Not only is ventilation adequate, but there is an anti bug system in place. In other words bugs are prevented from getting into this tent, so you can sleep in peace at night and still be cool on warmer days. The ventilation system can also come in handy when you and your gear has gotten wet and needs to dry out.

Within the Camo Headquarters dome tent, there is a small hook that hangs down in the center, this can be used for hanging small battery lamps for a night light. If you purchase this tent you will not have to worry about changes in the weather conditions while you camp, because the Camo Headquarters Dome Tent is water proof and are very sturdy.

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