How to Have a Perfect Camping Trip

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If you are planning to buy camping gear for your first camping trip or to replace and upgrade your old camping supplies, several factors should be taken into consideration. More often than not, camping gear equipment can be expensive, thus, you have to find equipment that is practical and priced within your budget. There are a few tips you can try in order to obtain the appropriate equipment for your preferences and budget.

The first tip to consider is to plan for your camping trip. Planning your camping trip makes it easier to determine the items you need and to stay within your planned budget. It is advisable to research on the location where you plan to go and take note of the conditions of the area, specifically the climate. Once you have done your research, it is best to make a list of the camping gear and supplies you will need, mark those that you already have and items that you still have to purchase. It is best to do your planning at the earliest time possible so you will have enough time to stay within your budget and purchase the camping supplies you need.

Budget is an important factor to consider when planning your camping trip. Apart from the travel expenses to reach your camping destination, you have to consider the budget for your camping gear and equipment. As mentioned earlier, it is best to make a list of all the supplies you need, this way, you will find it easier not to go over your budget. Next research on the cost of all the supplies you need. You can do this by going to your local sporting goods retailers or browsing on the Internet.

You will now have the option of comparing the prices and best suppliers, making sure to include supplies for cooking, water and eating. Once you have made your list and if you have gone over your budget, determine ways to economize. For instance, you can discard the items that you can survive without but very importantly never cast off supplies such as first aid kits.

Five Camping Products You Need to Have on Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is a great way to get in touch with nature and to spend quality time with your family. The outdoors are a natural stress reliever and allows you to have some fun outside of the city. For you to enjoy your camping trip, there are a number of camping products that you need. Let’s take a look at five camping products that you would need on your next camping trip.

  1. A Lightweight Easy-to-assemble Tent
    As you will need a place to sleep while you’re in the bush, a light weight and easy-to-assemble tent is perfect as it is portable and easy to pitch. The tent should be able to be assembled within 10 minutes giving you more time with your family or friends. Each family’s requirements will differ; smaller families will cope in a 3 or 4 man tent but larger families may need a 6 or 8 man tent. Another important factor to consider when looking for a tent, is whether it is waterproof. You don’t want to be caught on a rainy night with a tent that isn’t waterproof.
  2. A Compact Sleeping Bag
    Each person going on the camping trip will need a comfortable sleeping bag. Find one that is compact, making it easy to store and it should have a rubberised back to avoid it from moving around while you’re asleep. To keep warm, opt for a polyester hollow fibre filling. This will keep you warm at night and be light enough to carry during the day. Finally, ensure that you choose the right size sleeping bag for each of your family members.
  3. Cooler Box
    You will need to store your food and water or cool drinks in a solid cooler box. Remember to prepare ice packs before you leave on your camping trip.
  4. Bush Braai Stand
    For food and meat preparation, a bush braai stand is a very useful camping product. A small lightweight braai stand will serve you well as they are usually low enough for you to sit around. This is great for those traditional camping evenings where you share stories around a fire.
  5. 3 kg Gas Cylinder
    A gas cylinder combined with a cooker top allows you to cook any meal on gas and will also offer the benefit of warming water, if needed. The cylinder is also compatible with a gas lamp to provide lighting, a parabolic heater if the night gets slightly chilly and a braai pan if you want to make a stir fry or braai. The 3kg cylinder is light weight, compact and economical.

The Best Discount Outdoor Gear For Your Camping Trip

Packing your camping bag with all the basic outdoor gears and shoving off to your favorite hillside with your friends is always fun and adventurous. However, without the right gears, your adventure trip may become extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous. Hence, it gets extremely essential that you consider stocking up every single basic adventure gear into your backpack before your trip. Well, before I start listing the most essential gears, it is important to find a good outdoor gear store that offers you all types of gears which you may require in your trip.

Well, let us now take a close look at all the basic equipments that you should purchase from the outdoor gear shop and pack up into your baggage without fail for a smooth and safe camping trip.

  1. Tent: Based on the number of people staying in a tent, select the perfect tent of the right size. The right size will not just give you a free space to sleep but also keep all your camping equipments inside.
  2. Sleeping gear: A comfortable sleeping gear is one of the most essential things you need during an adventure trip. After an entire day of trekking and other camping activities, a cozy sleeping bag helps you relax and enjoy the beautiful camping adventure. However, you should always prefer selecting a lightweight sleeping bag which is easy to wrap and carry during your trekking.
  3. Footwear: During a camp trip, having a good strong pair of footwear helps you make your movements easy and safe. Delicate shoes may simply tear off during a trekking session while the strong footwear is designed to withstand the roughest weathers.
  4. Sunglasses: In a camping trip, we expose our eyes and skin the most to sun rays. Hence, it gets essential to protect our eyes from the strong rays of the sun while trekking across your camping area. Sunglasses are the best options to help you avoid the UV rays from affecting your eyes.
  5. Headlight and lamps: While walking distances at night, wearing the headlights and holding a lamp helps you feel safer and avoid falling into pits.
  6. Sealing bag: Rains in the hillside or during a camp is quite a common thing. Hence, it gets important to carry a sealing bag that can hold your cameras, mobile phones, GPS, etc. You can also dump your dirty clothes in the seal bag.

So, the next time you are going on a camp, make sure you carefully purchase the best discount outdoor gear and carry them to your next camping trip.

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