Customizing Your Home Gym Exercise Routine

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Different strokes for different folks. How true is that in so many aspects of life? One of those aspects is your home gym exercise routine and the exercise equipment you use. If you are exploring home gym exercise, then obviously you have already made the leap into the world of fit for life. On the other hand, you may already be seasoned exercise addict who has decided to give up your health club membership. For the apprentice, several areas should be investigated and considered.

If you are a beginner, your current physical shape is the number one consideration and your home gym exercise sessions should be designed around that important factor. If you have been a long-term couch potato, you will have to start out at a slow and easy pace and increase intensity by small increments. Goals and expectations are another issue.

For the novice, shooting for the stars too quickly may create major disappointment. Starting small may be difficult to do, but very necessary. Time also becomes part of the dynamics of carrying out your home gym exercise plan. How much do you have to invest in this venture? Remember, this will not be a temporary change in your life it will be a permanent lifestyle change so your entire schedule should be adjusted accordingly.

For the exercise junkie, devising the perfect home gym exercise plan should be relatively easy. Your biggest problem will be avoiding boredom! Being innovative in your planning is vital to the overall success of your routine. Relying on the run of the mill, everyday work out you did at the gym may not be as satisfying at home. A change of pace will definitely be in order for your home gym exercise sessions.

Location, location, location. Where have you heard that before? It is typically associated with real estate; however, it certainly can apply in regards to your home gym exercise. A separate work out room is the ideal situation, except that a lot of us do not have the extra room to do that. So improvise, be inventive! Map out an area in the house where you will be the most comfortable and where you will gain the most from the work out.

4 Tips for Designing an Attractive and Functional Home Gym Room

re emphasis on fitness and exercise, while having less time to do it, people are placing more attention to the design of their home gyms.

Designing a gym to make it appear inviting makes it easier for you to workout at home. Not many people enjoy working out in a “dungeon”-like environment (such as a home gym located in a poorly lit, unfinished basement). An attractive looking home workout room filled with quality equipment that you will use can be easily accomplished with the following tips:

  • Select High Quality Home Exercise Equipment

The last thing you want in your home gym is a nice looking interior design with a piece of machinery that looked like it came out of the automotive junk yard. Select the best home gym equipment you can afford. Not only will this look nice, but chances are the gym equipment will last a lot longer than a cheaper variety.

  • Arranging Exercise Equipment

Construct a floor plan in order to visualize where your exercise equipment will be located. With multiple exercise machines, it’s best to arrange the tallest and largest home exercise equipment along the walls, and the smallest shorter gym equipment in the middle. This maximizes the use of space in your exercise room as well as improves the appearance of your home gym. If you look at most health clubs, this is how their commercial gym equipment is arranged.

  • Add Colors to the Walls of Your Workout Room

A boring, egg-shell white color for the walls will make it feel like a room in a hospital. Paint the walls with an eye appealing color to make the room more inviting.

  • Hang Up Pictures

Adding pictures and posters in your home gym will not only make the room resemble some of the designs of a health club, but with the right picture, it can act as a motivation tool as well.

The easiest way to gather ideas is just simply to visit your local health club. Most of the time they offer a free trial or a tour, and what you can do is make notes of how they designed their fitness facility. Bring a notebook with you, and jot down anything that looks appealing to you that you could use for your own gym. Take note of the colors of the walls, the positioning of the equipment, and the flooring of the gym. Also, look for pictures that are displayed on the walls. Theses are often designed to motivate members to workout.

Overall, with a sound plan and careful consideration of what equipment is needed and where to place them, you can design a gym room at home that not only looks attractive, but is functional as well. Designing a home gym to make it appear more attractive may actually make you want to exercise more often too!

Home Gym A Great Addition to Your Home

Home gym is a great addition to your home, as you have the freedom to exercise whenever you get time. Whatever short-term expenses you incur in designing the home gym, proves beneficial in the long run. This is so because you do not to spend money on paying any fees or on traveling to the fitness center. Hence, a home gym aids in keeping you and your family healthy along with saving a good amount of money.

Arranging gymnasium equipment in your house is a simple process, but designing the gym room properly can become tedious, for which, you need to be little patient, until the room becomes operational. There are several experts who can assist you in arranging and maintaining a home gym. With their guidance and assistance, you need to make a few right choices while designing the room, so that you own a gym where you would love to go and spend quality time by exercising.

Select a room that is large enough to accommodate various exercising equipment. In case your room is not that large, you can put a wall-size mirror to visually enhance the size of the room. Make the room interesting and attractive with the help of happy colors, wall murals and artwork. You can even hang photos of models on the wall with the ideal body you are striving to achieve. Additionally, you can also install music system in the room so that you can enjoy relaxing music while exercising. If you wish, you can even install a television set, where you can catch the latest news updates or matches while exercising.

With the advancement in technology, there are several user-friendly exercising equipment available in the market. Amongst these options, you can easily find equipment that matches your requirements and budget. Buying a treadmill is the best choice if you enjoy walking or jogging; however you should purchase bicycle if you enjoy cardiovascular workout.

It is usually recommended that before you purchase any of this equipment, you must consult an expert. It becomes all the more important to seek professional help if you are totally unaware about the various equipment. You should only purchase branded equipment, as these are safe and often come with a guarantee against manufacturing defects. Additionally, keep in perspective the size of the gym room while purchasing equipment so that you buy only those equipment that will easily fit into the room.

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