Camping Trailer

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Camping trailers are always a good idea, especially when you want go camping and you do not want to stay in the usual camping sites in the forest. Preparation is always the best thing to do before heading for an outing or for any outdoor activity. Using the trailer will provide you a place to sleep that is better than sleeping in a tent and sleeping bag.

Most people that use camping trailers often rent them out, however there are those that own their own camping trailer. Some of the people that own their own trailers either use them when they go for outdoor activities such as camping while others actually live in them year long. These people are usually found at what are known as camping or caravan trailer sites where they can park their trailers.

Camping trailers are good accessories to have when going camping especially if you have kids and you would rather they feel more at home then sleep on the ground roughing it. The trailers can be rented out and so can the site where you will park the trailer. Usually you will find other trailers parked there and in most parks and camping sites there are often areas designated just for camping trailers.

Usually the trailer is attached at the back of the car you are using to transport it with you and then when you reach your destination you can remove it from the back and set it at the position you want. The trailer provides the perfect home for a camper who wants to still have the comforts of home while camping. It is usually a good idea to use a trailer while camping if you can’t hack the rough terrain camping sites or if you are not really the outdoorsy kind.

Camping Hacks – Your 2016 Top 10 List

When comes to camping outdoors, much like everything else, there are always some great tips and camping hacks that can make the trip a bit easier, if not also down right more fun. We have taken the opportunity to scour the best hacks out there and have narrowed it down to a top 10 list that even David Letterman would be proud of. So, without any further ado, below you will find our best of the best for 2016.

Camping Hacks Top 10 List

As a disclaimer, we are aware that there are far more that simply 10 top ideas or hacks out there. The fact is we could list over 100 if we were so inclined, but felt that we needed to keep the list short and sweet. That said, we are open to any comments or suggestions should you feel that something should have made it into our list.

  1. Instead of bring plates for eating, use your flying saucer instead. It works great and due to it being plastic will clean up nicely. Of course, after words you also go out and play. Better yet, you can use it as a place to set your phone or other devices in it so it won’t get wet from the bottom of the tent. Who knew there were so many uses for such a basic toy.
  2. When starting a campfire, a great camping hack is to use hand sanitizer as a form of starter or lighter fluid. Typically, this is an item you would carry regardless when camping, so being able to multi- purpose is an efficient way to save space.
  3. You know those plastic tags that hold your bread bags closed? Well, those are actually perfect for hanging clothes on a line when want to dry them out. So, start saving them now or even ask some friends and relatives to do the same for you. Having a few dozen will not take any space and come in very handy.
  4. Ever wished you had room to carry a tripod camping with you, so you could take the perfect picture? Well by using your hiking poles and a random stick you find around camp you can. Simply take some small rope and tie the three together. Then you can simply clip your camera or Go Pro with its clamp and voila.
  5. For that perfect pillow, be sure to carry a draw string nylon bag that you can fill with clothes. This not only protects your clothing, make for a great pillow. If you have too many clothes, place some in the foot of your sleeping bags. This will also help keep your feet extra cozy and warm. Hey- It’s a twofer!
  6. Need some additional light in your tent during the evening? Take your headlamp and place it facing in a clear water bottle. This will cause the light to become more ambient and create more light in your space. No need to worry about carrying lanterns or over sized flashlights.
  7. You know all those silica gel packs you find in just about everything that gets packed? Well, be sure to start saving them instead of throwing them right away. The reason they are packed on the first place, is to keep moisture out of things like electronics. By keeping these and using them to place in your metal cookware, you can avoid them from becoming rusty during your trip.
  8. When it comes to shoes, it is important that they stay as dry as possible. This camping hack is great as it can help even when you have those wet shoes or boots. Simply take the soles out and stuff the shoes with dry cotton t-shirts. I prefer using dirty ones, just to avid feet smell on my clothes, but that’s your call. If you don’t have any shirts to spare, then a newspaper will also do the trick.
  9. We have all had a grommet break on us at the most inopportune time. Well, here is a way to fix that without any problem. Simply take a small smooth rock from your campsite and place it under the tarp or tent as close to where the grommet should be. Tie a small rope around the outside of the material and use the other end of the rope to stake it down. Easy Peasy!
  10. And the number one camping hack is… Plastic straw spice holders. That’s right, take some plastic straws and cut them down into about 2″ sections. Using a lit candle, seal one end by placing the end of the straw near the flame. Once the end is sealed, fill the other end with your favorite cooking spices. Once filled, seal the other end using the candle flame. Be sure to label the spice or use various colored straws to specify what the spice is. When ready to use simply cut one end and pour. This is really genius as well as practical.

Your Camping Hacks in Real Life!

Say the word, “camping” and what do you think? Bugs? Cold weather? Being uncomfortable? Rain? Which of those things do you automatically connect with the word, “camping”? If you chose any of those as the reason for not camping out, you might want to rethink that.

Any and all of those can be changed for you, in a few minutes, after you finish reading this article. Take, “bugs”, for instance. Just because you decide to go camping, that doesn’t mean that you will see a bug or any bug, for that matter. Yes, indeed, you can probably go camping for a day or even a couple of days without seeing any bugs. New idea, correct? How does one go camping and not see bugs? Don’t look! Just kidding. Seriously, I have been on hundreds of camping trips and I have taken many camping adventures without seeing even one bug. And I was looking for the bugs.

  1. If you are camping out with children or teenagers, you want to visit the campground before your actual camping trip date. That’s right. Go, by yourself, to the campgrounds to feel the place out. In this way, only one person has the ‘first’ experience and then can either put the “gold” stamp mark on the camping place or put the “let’s avoid” stamp on the campground.
  2. Read the safety notices on all chemicals that you apply to your skin or to your clothing.
  3. Always prepare to be lyme-disease free. Wear white sox. Tuck your pants into your sox, and be careful. Always check yourself and your children for any stray ticks. You probably won’t find any but always keep on checking. Better safe than sorry. Lyme disease is out there and lyme -disease carrying insects are out there also. But never let that keep you from camping out.
  4. Most important! Whenever you enter or leave your tent, always make sure that door is zippered up securely. That is your defense against those insects that might want to get out of the outdoors and into your tent.
  5. Set up a small tent for your ‘equipment’ or games or toys. This will give the insects less access to your actual sleeping quarters.

Cold Weather Camping?

  • Have a good tent with good wind-breaking qualities. Wear clothing that is not cotton. Other synthetics are better for drying. Cotton never dries out so you will be colder if it rains. You don’t want to feel like an snowflake when camping out.
  • Do not ever use candles indoors — inside of tents.
  • Always watch that campfire. If you leave the campfire even for a moment, you need to put that fire out. Forest fires are not good!
  • Buy the very best sleeping bags. This will make the difference between being comfy and being a popsicle when camping out in cold weather.
  • Camp at sites that are near the city, near a mall. This is a great convenience in the event of an unforseen thunderstorm.

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