Camping on the Beach

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When it comes to going beach camping, it can be very difficult to pick a destination. There are many places you can go; whether you want to explore the beaches of Southern California and the West Coast or the endless beaches of Florida and the Eastern Seaboard. This article will help you find that perfect beach for the entire family to enjoy.

Beach Camping is not limited to the shores of the ocean or gulf. You can find many beautiful beaches throughout the country along the shores of lakes, man made reservoirs such as Lake Mead or Lake Powell (there are literally hundreds of man made reservoirs in the U.S.), or on the banks of your favorite river.

If you choose to go to either the East or West coast or perhaps the Gulf, select the State and research the availability of State Beach Camping. This is definitely a hidden treasure of beach camping. State Beaches offer many services and activities as well as most have tourist information centers that provide you useful information about the surrounding area including historical places, nautical information, nature and wildlife facts, hiking trail locations, and much, much more.

If you are considering an inland vacation near the water, you can look up county and State Parks. Many will have tent camping or rv sites located close to the water or in the prime area of the park. Picnic facilities will be scattered throughout the parks as well. Inland beaches are usually well maintained by the park staff and are easily accessible.

Most major reservoirs are managed by a federal government agency such as the Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service, Corps of Engineers, Dept. Of Interior, or National Parks Services. Lodging in a cabin or motel may be limited but tent and rv camping should be readily available. If you enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, and breathtaking scenery, a vacation near one of the major reservoirs might be the perfect choice for you.

You have decided where you are going to take your next beach camping vacation. Now you have to consider what type of accommodations are available. Are you going to rough it in a tent and camp under the stars? Perhaps you have a recreational vehicle or travel trailer. Beach camping will range from sites with full accommodations such as water, electric, and sewer to the most remote with no services except the ones you provide yourself. If you want to take full advantage of the outdoors, camping on the beach in your tent or RV will be an experience long to be remembered!

3 Awesome Beach Camping Tips To Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

Can’t decide whether to go to the beach or camp in the woods? Why not enjoy the best of both worlds and plan and beach camping trip? More and more people are trying out this fun activity as they both get to enjoy the beauty of the beach but still experience the fun of camping. For your next beach camping trip, keep in mind these tips and tricks for a fun-filled and thrilling outdoor experience!

Know the weather forecast

You’re going on this trip to enjoy the sun and the waves so it’s a no-brainer that your vacation will be ruined when it starts to pour and continues for the duration of your trip. Before going, be sure that the forecast confirms it will bright and sunny. It’s also important to track the tides. While it’s the best to pitch your tent near the water, you don’t want the water to wash away your things when the tides get high.

Be ready for the beach

Packing for a camping trip is easy because you must know by now what the essentials are. A tent, a sleeping bag, food and water, cooking tools and other gear are important. But since you will be staying near the ocean, it’s crucial to pack some beach-specific essentials as well. One important tool you can add is a brush (don’t forget a dust pan!) – this will help clean off the sand from your tent. Another essential tool that’s ideal to bring is a sand stakes. While a tent would be easy to pitch on dirt, it could get a lot more complicated with sand. Use stakes to assemble your tent easily.

Bring sun protection

One thing that could potentially ruin your trip is the glaring sun. Unlike camping in the woods, there will be zero to a few trees that will serve as a shade when you’re sleeping by the shore. You would be lucky to find a spot that has shade all day long but you should still come prepared. Bring a huge beach umbrella for sun protection when the sun is glaring. Don’t forget to pack some good sunscreen, shades and sun hats to protect your skin and yourself as well – nobody wants to go through the hassle of sunburn which may even affect your trip!

Southern California Beach Camping

Southern California offers the best beach camping in the United States. The mild temperatures and abundant sun offer an ideal setting for outdoor activities, and the Southern California shore line offers a place for family and friends. Imagine spending the afternoon relaxing in the sun and swimming in the ocean. Then cozy up around the campfire with family and friends to roast hot dogs and plan your activities for the next day.

Thrill seekers and sports enthusiasts also love camping on Southern California beaches because there are plenty of outdoor activities available including sailing, jet skiing, kite boarding and, of course, surfing. Camping at San Onofre beach is ideal for surfers – it boasts the world famous Trestles Beach surf break. At Bolsa Chica, campers can spend their week exploring the shoreline by riding their bikes down the miles and miles of oceanside bike trails. An old, historic pier at Gaviota Beach is used for fishing and diving. For people who would rather spend their time on the water rather than in it, there is a boat launch by hoist from pier.

Nature lovers should also consider the camping on the beaches of Southern California before planning their next vacation. There are plenty of state parks boasting hundreds of acres of protected wilderness – a haven for hikers! Point Mugu which is located in the Santa Monica Mountains has over 70 miles of hiking trails and phenomenal views. The McGrath campgrounds are well known by bird watchers around the world. Nature lovers looking for something a little different may want to explore the wetlands at Bolsa Chica.

Not many people think of camping as an option for a honeymoon, but a tent near the ocean on one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world makes for a very romantic getaway. Bluff top camping at San Elijo State Park allows for breathtaking views of the ocean and a perfect place to watch the Southern California sunsets. Jalama Beach in Santa Barbara has very secluded campsites, making it a perfect getaway for newlyweds who want to enjoy each other’s company in peace.

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