Three Best Tech Devices for Alleviating Business Stress

With all the new tech hitting the market, consumers are more empowered than ever to make better life choices, harness science to monitor their own health, and make changes in order to live longer and pursue a high quality of life. Stress is at an all-time high, and the consequences of the ravaging of stress on your body can lead to disease and death. Don’t let yourself become another statistic due to your high-stress job.


It’s tough to be stressed out all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a calmer person? You have to take certain steps to avoid having work stress get the better of you. Put yourself first with these top three tech devices for eliminating stress. Your job is always going to be challenging. That’s why you need to take charge of your health and your life now. Read on to find out about these great tech devices you can use to alleviate work stress.

#1, EmWave2

The EmWave2 is a new product that was designed to help people monitor their physical conditions and see when their heart rate is normal or going slightly erratic.

It’s a tool that individuals can use to visually confirm when their brain, heart, and nervous system are acting up and stressed or when they are in a healthy physiological state. The EmWave2 is easy to use and the information is displayed in a simple display which anyone can understand.

#2, Puzzle & Game Apps

One of the best ways to alleviate stress in the workplace may not even be that high tech. Simple apps on your phone may be the key to reducing anxiety and having a more relaxed attitude. Use little opportunities to play puzzles, do brain teasers, answer trivia, and engage your mind in general.

It will keep you from being bored, encourage creativity, and make you more productive. After all, if your attention is being distracted for a minute or two and you’re focused on being productive the rest of the time, you’ll not only be less stressed but you’ll start excelling at your job. Hard work is the ultimate job security. Your smart phone is your new tech device– convenient, huh?

#3, Hypnocube Animated LED Cube

You are going to love the Hypnocube Animated LED Cube. It’s pretty much just what it sounds like; a transparent cube with LED lights inside. The lights alternate and change colors, seeming to continually morph. You will find yourself zoning out and all your worries slipping away as you gaze at this gadget and relax.

These light shows can run for over thirty minutes without repeating. It can be placed just about anywhere and comes with a power adapter that will work with most plugs. This is, hands down, one of the best relaxing tools you can buy in your life.

The Hypnocube clocks in at around a hundred dollars– prices will vary according to site and taxes– but it’s well worth the money. You’ll get a lot of compliments and use it much more often than any other tech gadget you’ve bought before!