Attention Entrepreneurs: 2 Important Skills to Cultivate

When it comes to making your own money, there isn’t really a rule book. Sure, you may be able to go out and buy Entrepreneurship for Dummies (you actually can, the paperback guide has been out for fifteen years– check out Amazon for more info), but making it and making your own business actually comes down to a few core skills.

That’s why we’re letting you know about two of them– these two skills can help any entrepreneur grow their business and become more successful. In the right circumstances and put to use in the right way, these skills can make the biggest difference.



When it comes to creating your own business, honesty is a powerful skill to have in your corner. We’re not talking about just avoiding telling lies. We’re talking about the various ways that honesty can be harnessed to help make you and your business successful.

This can mean being honest with yourself about the process and what it will require from you in order to succeed. If you have idealizations or even unfounded dreams about what is going to happen, now’s the time to get real. One such illusion to drop is the idea that everything is going to be easy.

Starting your own business and making things isn’t easy; if it were, everyone would be succeeding at it left and right. Begin the process of being simply honest with yourself and what you’re dealing with. That way, when problems come down the line, you won’t be prone to react emotionally. You’ll be ready for it because you’ll have been honest with yourself.

Another way that honesty benefits you is when it comes to your business. Honesty is a key part of being an entrepreneur– it’s one of the big differences between a business person and a scam artist. People respond to other people who are honest and earnest about providing a service. Honesty creates loyal customers and partnerships as well as a good reputation. In small towns and certain businesses, your reputation can mean everything.

Being honest with yourself will also help you to spot problems and evaluate situations better. If you’re not glossing over issues in your head or pretending they don’t exist but confronting them directly, you’ll be better able to fix issues and prevent creating more.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is a valuable skill for any individual to have. Building any business is going to throw problem after problem (or rather, challenge after challenge) at you. It’s more of a puzzle or a game than an abstract concept no one can figure out. Cultivate your problem solving skills and be dedicated to finding a way to make things work and get things done.

It will serve you so much better than emotionally reacting or getting frustrated at will. Don’t let bumps in the road slow your momentum. Focusing on problem solving rather than reacting can mean the difference between an entrepreneur who succeeds and an entrepreneur who got in over their head.